Bio: Born in England just before WWII, in fact I was Christened the day war on Germany was declared. My father left to join Montgomery's Eighth Army, and during the bombing of London my mother took me to Llangenny in Wales to safety, except that I then contracted polio (or infantile paralysis as it was called in those days). We returned to London for my treatment. Subsequently my mother was called up to work in a munitions factory, and I was sent to live with my Aunt Ethel in Surrey, and until I was seven believed she was my mother. My father returned from the war in 1946, and I was returned to my parents. In 1958 we left England on the Capetown Castle for South Africa, during which voyage I met my husband to be. After the wedding we headed for Rhodesia and an adventurous life. During my working life I have been secretary to a general manager of a large company; editor of a wildlife magazine; reporter for a weekly newspaper; director of our own company ( tobacco farming, beekeeping {including pollination of export crops and honey production} ; assisted in hatching crocodiles at Lake Tanganyika and on Bazaruto Island.

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    • Thank you for your concern – I am fine thank you but busy at the moment as daughter arriving today from Zambia and so have been pre-occupied for a while. I will definitely be writing more later. In the meantime, your photos are wonderful, and it’s fun attempting to translate. 🙂


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  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I just realized that El (Far Out in Africa), who’s blog I have been following for quite a while, is your daughter. You have certainly led an interesting life and I’ll be back to read your stories.

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