Heat pulsates around my head, thrumming incessantly within my senses.

Pale yellow, shrivelled and brittle grass crunches beneath my feet as a whisper of wind blows the sand, as fine as dust, before me. On the horizon heat waves distort the view.Leafless trees appear to sway and dance in the haze.

I squint my eyes against the relentless brilliance of the burning sun.

All is quiet and still, but the tension grows. There’s a longing for release from this arid, almost desolate moonscape.

Eager, gluttonous vultures circle the skies drawn to the smell of death. Another victim lies desiccated at the side  of a waterless waterhole.

Suddenly, on the far horizon  appear rolling grey clouds, turning black and ominous before my eyes. Lightning splits the moody sky in a display of electric power and the glorious rumble of thunder assails my ears and resonates over the land.

Oh come, come.   Don’t stop now. Come closer please, and pour your  life-regenerating relief over this parched innocent earth.

I hold my breath until it hurts, then  raindrops begin to fall, slow at first, the sand pitted with each wide-spaced drop.

Then, at last! The wind increases, the trees buckle and bow down against its force, and  the downpour begins. The thunder, the lightning, the saturation of the soil and the smell of the wet land wafts on the air in sweetness as it embraces and drinks in the offer of renewed life with all its being.

The unbearable heat has broken  and I stand  shivering and soaked and dripping , feeling reborn, allowing the hard,  merciless raindrops to stingingly smite my skin, filled with joy knowing that nature does not fail its children..



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