My Connection to Scotland and Ireland

My GGG grandfather, Robert, was born in Sutherland, Scotland, in about 1776, and it seems that in about 1798 he joined a Fencible unit and was deployed to Ireland where he met and married Frances Liddle, and they had their first child, George, in Londonderry, in 1800. Thereafter the three went back to Robert’s family croft at Croick, and seven more children were born in and around Strathy, Sutherland.  Their last born was David, my GG Grandfather, but his son, Robert, deciding that crofting was not for him, trekked down to London and married Elizabeth Howard.  Their third child was Roydon who married Hilda Duncan.  Roydon and Hilda met during WWI while both were stationed in Rouen, France. Roydon was in the RASC as an ambulance and supplies driver,  and Hilda had joined Queen Mary’s Auxillary Corps and was an administration  clerk.  Before and after the war my grandfather was an entertainer and Hilda joined him on stage being  regularly sawn in half in one her husband’s magic acts.  Their son, Robert, was my father.   I also have Irish connections through Hilda ‘s grandfather who was born in Limerick and in about 1876, as a blacksmith, moved to England with his family.


Balnagowan Hotel


When researching my Scottish ancestors I have found that several of them moved away from the crofts and became  inn keepers  e.g.  Balmacara Hotel, Lochalsh;  Balnagowan Arms, Kincardine and the Freeburn Hotel, Moy and Dalarossie.  Others emigrated to Canada and America.

Croft House at Strathy

Croft House at Strathy

The family's croft

The family’s croft

2 thoughts on “My Connection to Scotland and Ireland

  1. Really Robert was also my GGG grandfather. Thank you for the interesting story. Where do you live? Our line never left the North of Scotland.


  2. I was so interested to get your reply – thank you. I will send you an email. I would love to know if you have any more information. I now live in Derbyshire, England after many years in Africa. New information I have recently is that Robert and Fanny lived in Dail Teine, in Sutherland, and were Cleared in 1818 to Strathy East to the croft. Kind regards, Denise nee Macleod


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